Recognized by NCTE
NCTE Recognition order Number: F.SRO / NCTE / APSO5320 / B.ED / TN / 2014 – 15 / 63767
Affiliated to Tamilnadu Teachers Education University (Recognition Number 12023)
18 / 8, Nagai Main Road,Pulavarnatham , Mariamman Kovil ,
Thanjavur – 613 501.

NCTE Recognition Order –B.Ed.,              AFFIDAVIT.,             


1. Learning Facilities The spirit of Learning depends on the atmosphere built up around the campus, the zeal carried by the teachers and imparted through facilities like a Library rich in quality books, well-maintained Research Labs, Excellent equipments, Spacious Seminar Rooms, Auditorium, Study Halls, Leisure Room, Creativity Zone, etc. Latest technology and equipment enhance the experience of learning and make the process worthwhile.

 2. Recreational Facilities Sport is an immensely important field that deserves support and promotion. The well-built courts for basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc. inside the campus tend to make it more rewarding for students to pursue a career in Sports and make their institution proud of their endeavours and achievements, meanwhile investing in their growth and betterment through various means. 

3. Classroom Model A class-room is an essential component of the process of receiving education. The proportionality of the number of students versus the room area matters as well. Smart-learning tools like projectors, smart study boards add to the grandeur of higher learning. Wide and airy windows, completely taking up one wall of the room will lighten up the classroom and make space for quality learning and aid towards the freshness of mind.

4. Extracurricular Activities Extracurricular activities play a great role in preparing a student for future by imparting him skills that build up positivity, increase interaction with the surrounding and boost creativity. The presence of extracurricular activity zone where weekly seminars, competitions, etc. can be held is vital for the progress of any Academic Institution. Such activities awaken the creative soul of students and make a way for positive competition, nurturance and emergence of talent.

5. Events College Fests and Department Fests are two big and most-awaited events where festive spirits go high and student life acquires its grandeur. The wide array of competitions, quizzes, games, performances in college campus make it highly happening and remarkable.

6. Cleanliness & Hygiene A Green & Clean Campus creates best minds! The clean and well-maintained infrastructure facilities make the best of educational experience.




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